Did you know we provide Crew & Post services as well?

Whilst we pride ourselves on the ability to offer friendly, informative service throughout the booking process. We also have experienced crew members on our team from Film, TV and Live events industry to help out and offer assistance. 

If you’re a seasoned Pro we can help in a secondary role and can provide lighting, camera or sound assistants for your project. If you’re just starting and would like some extra help, we are able to take a more active role and help with planning and carrying out production. We would recommend just asking our booking staff either through email or giving us a quick call. Based on the correspondence, we can make sure to suggest the additional crew you may need. Our team have over 15 years of industry experience within Film, TV, Live events & Streaming and we are certain we can be that helping hand, and offer up technicians who know our equipment head to toe.

We can help in all areas of your project such as:

  • Pre-production – should you need to test out equipment or have help planning your  particular    job, we are able to offer services and support you deem necessary. 
  • Production – We can assist you, should you need an extra lighting technician or sound engineer. We can also offer heads of departments such as Cinematographers, Project Managers or Streaming Producers to run certain aspects of your project. 
  • Post-production – We can help with tasks such as editing, motion graphics, colour grading and sound design.

So next time your browsing through our website and choosing your equipment, keep this in mind. Should you need any help we’ll gladly come to your aid. Remember it’s all about keeping it Simple.

Thanks for your time and interest!

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