Insta 360 Pro 2 kit 1

– 1000′ FarSight Remote Viewing & Control

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– Capture up to 8K 3D 360 Videos & Stills

– Record 8K While Live Streaming 4K Video

– No-Stitch Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

– 9-Axis FlowState Image Stabilization

– Records to 6 x microSD & 1 x SD Card

– Six 200° Fisheye Lenses (Selectable)

– Built-In GPS Supports Google Street View

– Auto Proxy File Creation

– 2 x USB, 1 x Ethernet, 1 x Audio In

The Insta360 Pro 2 uses six cameras to capture every angle of a scene at once. The resulting videos or photos are then fused into two 8K 360 images, one per eye, to create immersive, beautifully detailed 3D VR.

Available shooting modes include 8K 3D at 30 FPS, 8K monoscopic at 60 FPS, 6K 3D at 60 FPS, and 4K 3D at 120 FPS, among others. New in-camera HDR keeps lighting natural even when it varies in every direction, and i-Log mode is optimised for maximum flexibility in post-production coloring.

Save time and processing with the Insta360 Pro II’s ability to create proxy files for instant stitching and real-time editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. When you have your final cut, the Insta360 algorithm stitches together a full-resolution version.

Each camera records to a microSD card while proxy files and stabilization data are captured to a full SD card. The camera features bit rates up to 120 Mb/s, and it records audio via four built-in mics and a 3.5mm mic input.




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