Edelkrone Slider PLUS Pro Long

– Dual-Length Slider with Movable Rails

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– 90cm with 9Kg Payload Tripod Mounted

– 40cm with 18Kg Payload Surface Mounted

– Supports Motion Control Slide Module v3

– Up to 22.5° Incline with Slide Module v3

– Quick Release Magnetic Belt Clips

– Lockable Fold-Out Legs

– Slider Carriage Instant-Lock Button

– Retractable 3/8″-16 Mounting Screw

– 3/8″-16 Tripod Mount Thread

The edelkrone SliderPLUS v5 PRO Long is designed with movable rails that travel during a slide to give you extra travel distance while keeping the slider compact.
When used on the ground or other surface, it has a travel length of 42cm and supports up to 18Kg. Mounted on a tripod, it provides a travel length of 90cm with up to 9Kg payloads supported, meaning you can work with heavy camera rigs.
The movable design also works for dolly shots, because since the rails move along with the carriage, they won’t get in the shot when you dolly in and out.




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Weight1,45 kg


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