Rhino ROV PRO Everyday Slider

ROV Pro is an extremely portable, app controlled motorized slider!

Includes ROV Pro Everyday, Quick Release Ball-head, Smartphone Mount, Variable ND Filter
Holds up to a 2,2 Kg camera with the included quick release ball mount
Includes Phone Mount 
Time-lapse mode can capture long exposures at night 
Motorized movement with a built in 24 hour rechargeable battery
Variable speeds
Looping mode
Controlled by your phone over Bluetooth

Comes in a rucksack for convenient easy use.

1 Day 130,00 DKK excl. Vat

2 Days 195,00 DKK excl. Vat

4 Days 325,00 DKK excl. Vat

Price for selected rental period:

130,00 DKK excl. Vat

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