Hollyland MARS M1 Enhanced Wireless Transceiver Monitor

The Mars M1 Enhanced is a versatile wireless monitor that integrates transmitter, receiver, and monitoring functions into one solution. 

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Key Features

  • TX, RX, and Monitor — All in One
  • Revolutionary Operating System
  • 1,000 Nits of Brightness
  • 5″ Touch LCD Screen
  • 450ft (150m) LOS Range
  • 0.8s Low Latency

The 5.5″ touch screen with ground-breaking advantages such as accurate color calibration and Rec. 709 color gamut, delivers a pleasant monitoring experience with professional image analysis functions. The device supports an impressive LOS range of up to 450ft (150m) and boasts a low latency of only 0.08 seconds, allowing for more flexibility in device deployment and ensuring seamless monitoring without noticeable lag. Furthermore, a single Mars M1 Enhanced transmitter can seamlessly connect with up to two receivers or four mobile device apps.

The device is designed to easily work with the Mars Pro series and Mars 4K video transmission systems.

Compatible with:

  • Mars 400S Pro
  • Mars 300 Pro
  • Mars 4K


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