BirdDog P240 PTZ Camera

“Experience cutting-edge videography with the BirdDog P240 PTZ Camera. Equipped with an updated Sony Exmor R sensor, it delivers unparalleled image quality and sensitivity. This camera stands out with its 40x optical zoom, full NDI® capabilities, and versatile output options including NDI, SDI, and HDMI. Ideal for live events, it offers advanced features like auto-tracking, multiple NDI flavors, and an intuitive OLED display. Perfect for professional productions demanding high-quality video and flexible connectivity.”

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“Dive into the world of professional videography with the BirdDog P240 PTZ Camera, a game-changer in video production technology. This camera is powered by a 1/2.5 inch CMOS 8.5MP sensor and the latest Sony Exmor R broadcast sensor, ensuring superior light sensitivity and exceptional image quality. With a 40x optical zoom and additional Super Resolution Zoom, it captures stunning details from afar, making it perfect for live sports, concerts, and corporate events.

The BirdDog P240 excels in low-light conditions and offers a range of features like visibility enhancer, color gain, and noise reduction, ensuring crisp and clear footage. Its advanced stabilization system and variable speed focus add to its versatility, making it ideal for dynamic shooting environments.

Designed for flexibility, the camera supports various outputs: NDI, HDMI, and 3G-SDI, catering to different production needs. It’s enhanced with BirdDog’s custom NDI silicon and Cloud 3.0 integration, facilitating globally connected remote productions. The camera also supports FreeD output for AR/VR workflows, expanding its usability in cutting-edge production setups.

The professional build of the P240 includes an OLED display for easy monitoring of settings and IP address, along with a unique 360° Mohawk tally system for seamless communication in multi-camera setups. It supports a wide range of formats, including NDI|HX2, NDI|HX3, SRT, and H.264, ensuring compatibility with various broadcast standards.

For colorists, the BirdDog P240 offers sophisticated color tools with extensive control over saturation and hue, enabling precise color matching and grading. The free Cam Control app further simplifies camera adjustments, allowing for quick setting changes and consistency across multiple cameras.

In summary, the BirdDog P240 PTZ Camera is an outstanding choice for professionals seeking high-quality imagery, flexibility, and advanced features. Its combination of superior sensor technology, versatile output options, and user-friendly controls makes it a top pick for a wide range of videography applications​​​​.”



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