Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K Kit

Included in this Kit:

1 x Kinefinity MAVO Edge camera body

1 x KineMON 7U Ultra Bright Monitor

1 x Kinefinity e-ND EF mount adapter

1 x Kinefinity EF mount adapter

1 x Kinefinity E mount adapter

2 x KineMAG nano 1TB

2 x Kinefinity KineBAT


1 Day 3.250,00 DKK excl. Vat

2 Days 4.875,00 DKK excl. Vat

4 Days 8.125,00 DKK excl. Vat

Price for selected rental period:

3.250,00 DKK excl. Vat

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Key Features:

8K 3:2 Full Frame CMOS Imaging Sensor

Max Record Res: 8192×5456 (3:2 Open Gate)
Frame Rate: 8K Wide 0.2~75fps
Dual Base ISO: 
Latitude: 14 stops
Shutter Angle: 0.7°~358° with rolling shutter
Lens Mount: Native KineMOUNT with 15mm FFD Adapters: PL/LPL/Active EF/passive E
ND Filter: Built-in motorized: Clear and e-ND from 0.6 to 2.1


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