Proaim Cinebird Camera Rickshaw

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The Proaim Cinebird Rickshaw lets you capture walking to running speed shots with 3-axis Camera Gimbal, Handheld, and Steadicam setups.
And it comes in handy when you don’t have enough time or space to lay down the traditional track but still need to follow your subject smoothly.
The Rickshaw is cleverly constructed with Solid Aluminum and offers an impressive payload of 200kg/441lb.

The Cinebird rickshaw rolls incredibly smooth and silent with reliable and lightweight two front Pneumatic wheels and two rear jockey wheels.
The pneumatic wheels feature three height adjustment points, 5″, 6″ & 7″, allowing the setup to adapt the height according to the rough and bumpy roads.
Also, the rear jockey wheels come with a locking system for greater stability.

The Rickshaw’s cheese plate platform with Mitchell mounting offers incredible mounting flexibility for compatible gears and additional accessories.
In addition, you can mount Scaffold Pole with Mitchell Mount, which works perfectly with Vibration Isolator Arms & 3-Axis Camera Gimbal and lets you achieve challenging moving shots.
And all these amazing perks outperform other rickshaw in the market, whether it’s superior quality, optimum performance, or cost-effectiveness.


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