KUPO Pole Large – Black

– Color: Black ( Powder Coated )
– Material: Aluminum
– Minimum Working Length: 210cm (83″)
– Maximum Working Length: 370cm (145″)
– Tube : 40mm, 45mm
– Weight: 2.85kg (6.3lbs) – MAX payload 20kg


1 Day 50,00 DKK excl. Vat

2 Days 75,00 DKK excl. Vat

4 Days 125,00 DKK excl. Vat

Price for selected rental period:

50,00 DKK excl. Vat

Rental period

2 / 2 available

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This product is available.



The Kupole consists of spring loaded 2-section aluminum poles, the largest of the 3 sizes available extends to over 12′ (370cm) in height!

The unique spring locking expansion system locks the Kupole between the ceiling and the floor, or two walls, resulting in a quick, non-permanent mounting solution that only has a footprint of two inches in diameter! This unique product allows you to set up collapsible rigging, background support systems, lights, accessories, shelving, etc. The Kupole is an extremely versatile support and only takes a moment to set up without any tools, all with the simple flip of a handle.

Kupole extension is made with a solid aluminum tube and is easy to set up. Simply insert the narrow end of the Kupole after removing the spring-loaded tube and you’ll have more reach capability for that higher ceiling or farther wall.


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