Nanlite Eggcrate for Pavo Tube 30C

Nanlite Eggcrate+ barndoor for tubelight 30

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The Nanlite Fabric Barndoors and Grid for Pavotube 30C LED Tubes mounts via T12 diameter clips to minimize light spill and add directionality.

Control Light Spill
Equip your Pavotube 30C LED Tube with the adjustable fabric bar doors and modify it’s beam angle from 180° down to less than 5°.

Add Directionality
Add the included 45° Fabric Grid to selectively light subjects without losing the Pavotube’s diffuse light quality.

Standard T12 Diameter Mount
While created for use with Nanlite Pavotube 30Cs, the Pavotube Fabric Barndoors and Grid is compatible with other T12 tube lights approx 4ft in length.

Light Weight Construction
Made from ripstop nylon, Pavotube Fabric Barndoors and Grids fold flat and travel light.

Shape – Rectangle
Barndoors Beam Angle – 180° to < 5°
Grid Beam Angle – 45°
Attachment Method – T12 Mounting Clips
Material – Nylon


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Dimensions99 cm


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