PROAIM Universal Bi-Prompter iPad/Camera Teleprompter Kit

The Proaim Bi-prompter is a mirror box positioned in front of the camera lens that lets filmmakers shoot down-the-lens interviews while keeping the interviewer and subject in eye contact.

The subject and interviewer see each other via 40:60 beam splitter glass; though, the person is actually looking down the lens, enabling direct eye contact with the audience without the distraction of the camera lens and crew. It relaxes the subject and lets them deliver powerful stories and credible interviews, and the bonus part is you do not need extra cameras, TV displays, or technology for that.

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Its versatile design offers 3 ways of usage.

In the first Interview mode, 3 persons required; Interviewer, Subject & Camera-person. In this, the Interviewer & subject will sit at 45° angle & reflect each other on the mirror for an interview while the cameraman will be sitting behind the camera shooting the subject.

In the second mode, only two people are required; the interviewer/cameraman & interviewee will sit for a conversation, and a tilting side mirror allows perfect eye contact while offering easy camera operations. The third is the basic use of a teleprompter, which lets you mount any tablet to read while looking straight into the lens. .

The Bi-prompter is built around a standard 15mm rod system which easily fits the camera’s rails in less than a minute, facilitating ease of use & quick setup. It comes with an adjustable quick-release camera platform to lock the camera in its desired position.

The kit includes multiple receivers 16mm, 1/4″-20, and 3/8″-16, allowing you to mount on a regular C-stand as well as tripods. It also includes 5 Donut Rings in different sizes to filter out your shots’ excess light.


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