BirdDog PTZ Camera Kit A

Unleash the full potential of professional videography with our Ultimate BirdDog PTZ Camera Kit. This comprehensive package includes three high-performance BirdDog P240 PTZ Cameras and one additional BirdDog PTZ Camera, perfect for multi-angle coverage. The kit is further enhanced with a 90m network cable, 20m and 10m cables for flexible setup, and a reliable network switch for seamless connectivity. Ideal for live events, broadcasts, and high-end productions, this kit provides everything you need for a sophisticated multi-camera setup.


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3 pcs BirdDog PTZ Camera Kit: Exceptional Quality and Versatility for Advanced Video Production.

Step up your video production game with our Comprehensive BirdDog PTZ Camera Kit, a premium solution for professional filmmakers and broadcasters. This kit features three BirdDog P240 PTZ Cameras, known for their exceptional image quality, 40x optical zoom, and versatile output options, including NDI, SDI, and HDMI. An additional BirdDog PTZ camera is included to ensure comprehensive coverage and creative flexibility in various shooting scenarios.

To support an extensive setup, the kit comes with a 90m network cable, allowing for long-distance connections, and shorter 20m and 10m cables for closer setups. These high-quality cables ensure uninterrupted, high-speed data transfer, crucial for live streaming and broadcasting. A robust network switch is also included, enabling efficient management and routing of multiple video feeds for a seamless production experience.

Whether it’s for live sports, concerts, corporate events, or studio broadcasts, this kit provides the tools for a dynamic, multi-camera production. The combination of top-tier cameras and essential accessories makes it a go-to choice for professionals seeking reliability, quality, and versatility in their video production toolkit.

Included in this kit:

3 x BirdDog P240 ptz camera

1 x BirdDog ptz remote keyboard

1 x AV Line network switch

1 x 90m Cat5 network cable

1 x 20m Cat5 network cable

1 x 10m Cat5 network cable



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